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Useful Information Before Arriving in Japan

There is not a person who does not feel worry at the beginning after coming all the way from their own country to live in Japan. We, the staff at ISI, are committed to make the transition a little bit easier for the students by giving them the necessary information prior to their arrival. Besides the details given by the school, please take a look at the information given below since there are procedures that the student must take after arriving in Japan.

The links below are filled with useful information for the students. They are about hospitals, Insurance, rules and manners in Japan, Emergency contact, etc..

Regarding the visa

・The student visa is given to those students currently studying in Universities, Colleges and Japanese language school.

・For any other visa or the explanation of each type of visa, please refer each country Japanese Embassies or Consulates.

Regarding the resident card

・For those staying for longer than 3 months, a resident card will be issue at the airport when they enter Japan(Temporary visitor’s excluded)

・The resident card must be carried at all times. Please make a habit of always carrying it with you.

Useful information during disasters such as earthquakes

・Tokyo’s disaster’s information website(Information regarding disasters・disaster prevention・how to communicate with others and advises)

・Where to call in case of emergencies.

・ISI uses Facebook・Twitter as a way of communication and share of information in case of a disaster. Please sign up in advance.

・At the orientation, all students will receive a card with instructions on what to do during a disaster

About resident registration ・National Health Insurance

・All students on a student visa must register their address and obtain the National Health Insurance at the local office belonging to the district (city, ward, village) of their place of residence. This process should be done within 14 days of the student’s arrival.

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