Nagano Campus

Charming Castle Town: Ueda, Nagano

Nagano Campus is located in Ueda, where the Winter Olympics 1998 took place due to its rich natural resources, and is just 1 hour and 10 minutes away by shinkansen from Tokyo. Ueda has been known as an industrial city in Japan so, compared to bigger cities like Tokyo and Osaka, is cheaper and the beautiful scenery makes it the best environment for studying. Ski resort are 1 hour away by car so many students take the chance to ski and learn Japanese during winter.

About Nagano Campus

4 year study plan

An 800 hours per year curriculum is available for the Vocational School's Japanese Language Program.
We offer total support for the Japanese Language + Specialization program.

Job Finding Support

We offer total support for job finding with the collaboration of employment centers.

Fulfilling activities in rich nature

In this beautiful city you can enjoy the great nature around it and experience community-based educational programs.

Standard Japanese Course


Perfect for those who want to master the necessary Japanese language skills to enroll in higher education: vocational school, university or graduate school. From intermediate level onwards, in addition to the 16 basic lessons per week, students will be able to choose from preparation class for EJU or JLPT, writing, conversation, etc. 4 times per week, reaching a total of 20 weekly lessons.

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Private Course


You can choose what to learn depending on your purpose, and you can arrange freely the dates, times and number of lessons.

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Student House

・Living together with students from all over the world
・Staff resides in the dormitory for more safety
・Reasonable fees
・Bedding included
・Meals not included
・Commuting time: 1 mins to 20 mins on foot


・Living with Japanese families
・Learning Japanese customs and lifestyle
・2 meals included (breakfast and dinner)
・Maximum period of stay of 12 weeks
・Commuting time: 40 mins - 1h by public transportation

About Nagano Campus

Nagano Campus has obtained the approval from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a vocational school. Thanks to that, students can benefit from student discount in public transportation. It is also a very good environment because both Japanese students and vocational school students share the campus. After graduating from Japanese language school, students will take precedence if they want to enroll in one of the vocational school courses (International Communication/Global Business). Plus, you can stay at the student dormitory within walking distance from school and at a low price!