Tokyo-Ikebukuro Campus

Literature, Education and Commerce :
Ikebukuro, International City

Ikebukuro, the gigantic terminal of 8 transportation lines.
Around the station you can find the representation of the expanding downtown of Tokyo: famous shopping malls and commercial facilities, restaurants and electric shops, and even gatherings of young people who like anime and games.
On the other hand, it is full of important cultural amenities such as parks, theaters and well-known universities.
Without a doubt, the best environment for international students.

About Ikebukuro Campus

Different schools recognized by Tokyo

Different schools, approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, with a curriculum that fulfills the purpose of those whose purpose is enrollment / employment. In addition, students with a Student Visa can take advantage of the student discount offered in public transportation.

Perfect career guidance

We offer Job Finding classes for those students who have graduated from university in their home country in cooperation with employment centers to match their employment needs systematically.

Other activities included

Since there's a vocational school in the Campus interaction with Japanese students is possible. We also participate in community volunteer activities and internships and other extracurricular activities beyond the Japanese Language School.

Standard Japanese Course

Perfect for those who want to master the necessary Japanese language skills to enroll in higher education: vocational school, university or graduate school. From intermediate level onward, in addition to the 16 basic lessons per week, students will be able to choose from preparation class for EJU or JLPT, writing, conversation, etc. 4 times per week, reaching a total of 20 weekly lessons.

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Private Course

You can choose what to learn depending on your purpose, and you can arrange freely the dates, times and number of lessons.

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Student Interview

I love to talk to and learn from people from different cultures.

Hanna Ingrid Christina Roos

From Sweden
Ikebukuro Campus

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ISI teachers' lessons are like a goldmine!

Francesca Mari

From Italy
Ikebukuro Campus

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About Ikebukuro Campus

With a capacity of 360 students, it is aimed to those students who want to enrol in higher education or look for a job in Japan. Since its opening as ISI Tokyo in 2002, many graduates have experienced the "know-how" and many others are active all over the world. Even though the new campus was open in October 2012 in Shinjuku, it was eventually moved to Ikebukuro, and since July 2014 students have been learning Japanese in the current Ikebukuro Campus.