Gifu Campus

Gifu City is located in the center of Japan

Gifu Campus is located in Gifu city and it is less than 20 mints to Nagoya. (Nagoya is one of the three major cities in Japan.)
Gifu city is located in the heat of Japan, and about 400 thousand of people live in the city. Gifu city is very important trade center in Chubu area of Japan. And also Gifu city is a historic city filled with sightseeing opportunity, such as Gifu castle (it is fourth biggest castle in Japan).
Moreover, Gifu city has an residential area and it has great hospitals and cultural facilities. Living expenses is cheaper in this city, and there are big shopping malls and some factories of clothing companies and TOYOTA around Gifu Campus.

*Gifu Campus will move to Kyoto(Kyoto Campus) in August 2017

About Gifu Campus

Cultural exchange event

Regular cultural activities with local communities!

Part-time job

Job search assistance available for students with a working holiday visa or student visa!

Dormitory in front of school

Each room has a private bath and kitchen with private laundry. Free bicycle rental available!


Student House

・Living together with students from all over the world
・Staff resides in the dormitory for more safety
・Reasonable fees
・Bedding included
・Meals not included
・Commuting time: 1 mins on foot


・Living with Japanese families
・Learning Japanese customs and lifestyle
・2 meals included (breakfast and dinner)
・Maximum period of stay of 12 weeks
・Commuting time: 40 mins - 1h by public transportation

It is fun to work and study in Japan!


From Sweden
Gifu Campus

About Gifu Campus

Gifu Campus is the smallest school in ISI group, however, Gifu Campus is very popular school. Because, the school has a cozy atmosphere. The city is a quiet small city, but staying in the city such as home stay could be great opportunity for students to interact with local people.
Students' dormitory is just next building to the school and students go to school for 0 minutes! School staffs are very friendly and they take care of all students, not only of students' studies but also their daily life. In Gifu Campus, teachers and students are very close to each other. The graduation ceremony annually held in March is very impressive, as the students are crying and reluctant to part from the teachers.