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Kyoto Campus(ISI Language School, Kyoto)

School Information

Establishment July 2017 open
School Name ISI Language School, Kyoto
Address 6-6 Nishinokyo-Ryomachi, NakagyoJuly-ku, Kyoto
Narita International Airport (Narita NEX)→Tokyo→Kyoto(JR Sagano-Sanin Line)→Enmachi Station(7 minutes walk from Enmachi station)
Contact TEL  :+81-3-5960-1335
FAX  :+81-3-5960-1336
E-Mail :


At ISI Kyoto, we offer 2 different courses students can choose from depending on the length and purpose of studying Japanese. Students have more opportunities to feel Japanese tradition and experience the culture by studying in Kyoto, and we take advantage of that environment to offer cultural activities such as tea ceremony, Zen meditation and handcraft activities in Japanese Language Course. We also have University Foundation course for students planning their higher education in Japan to provide high-level academic Japanese language education.


ISI Kyoto is conveniently located 8 minutes away from Kyoto Station and 7 minutes away by foot from Enmachi station on the JR Sagano line. You can enjoy authentic traditional culture through many temples, shrines and sites all over the city. Nijo Castle and the Golden Pavilion Temple are in the surrounding area and you can go walking to many popular tourist destinations such as the Kitano Shrine.

Class Schedule

・Morning classes:8:50~12:20
・Afternoon classes:13:00~16:30



ISI Kyoto offers the following courses:

Academic Japanese Course :
【Entrance Term】: April, July, October, January
【Course features:】

  1. ・ Preparation for those students who are aiming to study in university or college in Japan.
  2. ・ In order to master the required Japanese language skills for entering a Japanese university or college the students will receive several guidance tools such as EJU, interview and essay preparation, higher education information sessions, personal counselling, etc. This way the students can face the examination at ease.
General Japanese Course :
【Entrance Term】: First week of every month (except March)
【Course features:】

  1. ・ Students who have never learned Japanese can enrol every month.
  2. ・ Maximum 15 students per class.
  3. ・ Thanks to the small class size, students can feel very close to their teachers while interacting smoothly in a relaxed atmosphere. It also allows students to talk in class more frequently.
  4. ・ There are 20 lessons per week; 10 of them will be dedicated to experiment Japanese lifestyle, doing trips and cultural exchanges with Japanese people using the practical Japanese learnt during the course. The other 10 lessons are spared for elective classes chosen from “Reading Comprehension/Writing”, “Cultural Experience”, “JLPT” and “Practical Conversation”.

Private lessons: Enrollment period: Anytime

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