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ILS – Biginner I-1


I have heard the good reputation of ILS and about its great facility, so I entered this school. I go to Izakaya (Japanese bar) on weekends and have taken a trip to Chichibu together with my friends who live in Tokyo. It is very exciting to experience different cultures in Japan sometimes they even shock me. Teachers and classmates at ILS are very nice and friendly, and I am satisfied with the class. To the new students: Study hard every day and don’t be shy to speak Japanese with Japanese people! They are very friendly and will try to understand what you speak as much as they can!!


ILS – Biginner I-5


When I was studying in the US, I made a lot of Japanese friends. Because of that, I decided to study in Japan. I have studied many other languages, but Japanese was totally new to me. In ILS, there are students from various countries, and I enjoy studying with my classmates from Sweden, Russia, France, USA, Korea, and many other places. Because of Japanese letters which are totally different from alphabets, I struggled with classes only in Japanese for the first few weeks. However, a month after I started the course, I totally understand what my teachers says in Japanese in class. They use a lot of images, so I am able to understand easily what words like “Nigiyaka” or “Shizuka” mean with the images. My goal is to pass JLPT N4 or N3 level before finishing the course at ISI. Also, I have learned a lot during the first month of my course. Therefore, I hope that I will be able to talk only in Japanese with my Japanese friends after I finish my course.




I decided to come to Japan to study robotics and artificial intelligence. I was searching on the Internet for a language school in Tokyo. The online application was fast and convenient, so I applied for ILC. At ILC, the school staff and teachers are very helpful. I was very impressed on how people in Japan are so disciplined and polite. It has been about 2 months since I started my course, and I have improved my Japanese a lot through classes and speaking Japanese with my fellow students. Especially, I can see my improvement when I apply what I have learnt in class at a restaurant or when I ask for directions on the street. If you have the determination to learn Japanese, you will have fun and interesting experiences in Japan.




I wanted to improve my Japanese language skills and thought that studying in Japan was the best idea. I took the course at ISI Language School in Takadanobaba 2 years ago. This time, I chose to go to ILC, because I was told that there were more students from Asian countries. I wanted to be surrounded by students to whom I can talk in Japanese instead of English. The teachers here are very kind. The speeds of their lessons are not too fast nor too slow. I really like that. I’m sure my Japanese skill will improve much more from now on. If possible, I’m going to extend my stay as long as I can. If you are planning to study in ILC, make the most out of the time you will have in Japan and make lots of friends. Have fun at ILC and, of course, speak Japanese!




As Gifu is located in the center of Japan, we can go to big cities easily. My friend who had studied at ISI Chukyo recommended me to choose this school as I like small towns, like Gifu. I never liked being in really big cities like Tokyo or Osaka, and as my friend knew that, she told me I should try Gifu. I like biking through the rice fields. It reminds me of my home even if there is no rice field in my hometown. After class, I always do my homework and study with a few friends at the school lobby. At the beginning of my course, I was staying with a host family and they were really kind and helpful. I had a wonderful time with them! When I did not understand what they said, I told them to repeat it slower and in easier words. If they didn’t understand me, I tried to explain the word or just use a dictionary. The teachers and staff at ISI Chukyo are always ready to help us, and I would gladly recommend you to come to ISI Chukyo.




When I first came here 2 years ago, I could barely write Hiragana or compose full sentences. Now I can speak Japanese very fluently and will take JLPT N1 in a few months. Every 3 months, when new students come to the school, is the moment I enjoy the most. I like meeting new people and help them get settled at the school as my upper classmates helped me when I was new. Gifu is a small place so you can get to know others easily. I was surprised the most with how cold the winter is and how beautiful the nature in spring and fall is. After I finish my study in ISI Chukyo, I will go back to Sweden and study more Japanese at a university. Maybe I will become a translator. To be honest, ISI Chukyo is not good for everyone. But if you prefer a small city and a warm-hearted school, choosing ISI Chukyo will be one of the best choices of your life.


NBL – Intermediate


I chose Nagano because it reminds me of home, NZ with a lot of nature, quiet and peaceful environment. Ueda is a small place and they have a strong sense of family and community. The people accepted me straight away and helped me when I faced problems. Volunteering at the Old Folk’s Home was the best experience I had at NBL. It brought the students closer while sharing our stories, experiences and appreciations with others. Life in Nagano was beyond my expectations! I recommend you to join the many events at school or out of school. You will meet new people and get to know the community, and most of all, have fun while leaning Japanese. Enjoy Nagano because it will provide you with the beautiful nature, and friendly people. It will open so many opportunities to learn Japanese culture, tradition, language and gain many life experiences.


NBL – Intermediate III-1


I came to Japan to learn Japanese and its culture as well as to start making manga. I chose NBL because I did not want to study in a big city in Japan, and I was told there would be more historical places in Ueda city. Also, I was surprised with how helpful people are in Japan. The NBL Festa was what I liked the most. Despite being dressed up as a girl that day, the festival turned out to be a fun event. I got to see what different cultures were like and enjoy various international food. I recommend prospective students to participate in a lot of events and activities. You will have a good opportunity to meet new friends from different countries and experience Japanese culture.

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