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Nagano Campus(Nagano Business and Language College)

Why choose NBL?
  • Attractive city:

    Campus located in an old samurai city! Access to ski

  • Same campus with Japanese:

    Chat with Japanese students in the lobby, and enjoy some activities and festivals together!

  • 4-year study plan:

    Continue your study; Japanese Course (2yrs) → Diploma Course (2yrs) to maxi-mize your Japanese skills!

NBL_1F ロビーとカフェー – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


  • University and College Preparation Class
  • General Japanese Course
  • Conversation Class
  • Private Japanese Lesson

Class Schedule (90 min. x 2 lessons)

  • Morning Class:
    8:50 – 10:20, 10:30 – 12:00

  • Afternoon Class:
    13:00 – 14:30, 14:40 – 16:10
  Address 3-5-18 Chuo, Ueda-shi, Nagano
Access 15 minutes walk from Ueda Station
  Entrance Term (Long Term Course)

  • April, October

Want to stay away from a big city?
Prefer to live in a historic town in Japan?
NBL is located in Ueda city, where the 1998 Winter Olympics was held. The city is rich in nature and known as an old samurai city in Japan. If you want to study in a smaller city but in a convenient location closer to the train station where the Shinkansen (bullet train) stops, NBL will be the best choice! The school offers classes for those who have never studied Japanese before, up to people who wish to enroll in a Japanese college or university in the future.

General Japanese

Study in the most suitable class for you! We have more than 25 levels of classes from beginner to advanced. In beginner-elementary classes, you’ll have a lot of chances to practice conversation, as well as reading and writing. General Japanese course is a good start for beginner and elementary students, and people who want to pass JLPT N5 – N3.
Elective Classes
(4hrs/ week) * From intermediate level

If you want to go to Japanese university in the future and need to prepare for EJU, this is the class for you. Your teacher will guide you through the process to enroll in a Japanese university.

*EJU Reading comprehension,
Listening and Writing.

For students who want to pass the test for your future career or to go to college in Japan, this class will help you to pass N1 and N2 level!

Improve your conversation skills by role- play, group discussion, debate and speech.

4-year Study Plan
The Japanese Language Department and College Diploma Program (International Communication Course) are in the same campus. Meet with other International students and Japanese students, and study at NBL for 4 years to get a Diploma (Senmonshi), which would help those who wish to work in Japan!
NBL (Japanese Language Department)
2 years
NBL (College Diploma Program) or other vocational colleges
2 years
Transfer to university/
Work in Japan

Class Levels
Levels   JLPT EJU Kanji Period Descriptor
N5 - 100 3-9
  • Leaning essential Japanese expressions in daily situations; such as inviting friends, shopping, taking taxis and soon.
  • Understanding basic 310 Kanji and its structure, by using pictures.
  • Japanese language Proficiency Test N4-N5 level.
N4 - 200
N4 - 310
N3 220 510 6-9
  • In Japanese, casual form for friends and polite form for elders are different. Acquire more natural Japanese by rich expressions.
  • Practice reading long essays with enjoyable textbooks under the theme of Japanese culture.
  • Understanding 880 Kanji by combination of basic Kanji.
  • Japanese Language Profociency Test N2-N3 level.
N2 250 810
N2 280 1190
N1 300 1490 3-9
  • This level enables you to watch anime programs in Japanese, or to read novels in Japanese.
  • Leaning proverbs and idioms makes for more interesting conversations.
  • Learn 943 Kanji, which is native Japanese level.
  • Preparatory for University or college.
  • Japanese Language Profociency Test N1 level.
N1 320 1790
N1 340 2000+

* Students will take the placement test before the class starts and they will be placed in the most suitable level
  based on their test results. Every 3 months, the test will be conducted in order to check their Japanese improvement.

Capacity:265 students (Japanese Language Department)
Number of classrooms: 22
Facilities: PC room, Library, Dispensary, Lobby, Self-study room,
Vending machines for beverages, Wi-Fi available, Non-smoking facility.
I want to be a Manga artist in the future!
Each class in NBL is culturally diverse! Staff and faculty are very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the sports festival at NBL with my classmates and teachers. My goal is to go to college to learn manga and become a manga artist in the future!
Foundation:October, 1992  

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