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Gifu Campus(ISI Chukyo)

Why choose ISI Chukyo?
  • Cultural exchange event:

    Regular cultural activities with local communities!

  • Part-time job:

    Job search assistance available for students with a working holiday visa or student visa!

  • Dormitory in front of school:

    Each room has a private bath and kitchen with private laundry. Free bicycle rental available!


  • General Japanese Course
    • University Preparation Class
    • College Preparation Class
    • Conversation Class
  • Automotive Engineering Class
  • Private Japanese Lessons

Class Schedule (45 min. x 4 lessons)

  • Morning Class:
    8:30 – 9:15, 9:25 – 10:10,
    10:20 – 11:05, 11:15 – 12:00

  • Afternoon Class:
    13:30 – 14:15, 14:25 – 15:10,
    15:20 – 16:05, 16:15 – 17:00
  Address 2-62 Chayashinden, Gifu-shi, Gifu
Access Take a local bus from Gifu Station
  Entrance Term (Long Term Course)

  • January, April, July, October

Are you on a Working Holiday Visa?
Or looking for a “Work and Study Program”?
Why don’t you improve your Japanese at ISI Chukyo and work part time? You can build language skills as well as work experience through a part-time job. Compared to Tokyo, living expenses in Gifu are considerably lower!
ISI Chukyo also focuses on the international exchange program with local communities. It offers Home Visit Programs and also organizes the activities with local high schools. Take advantage of the school with your local community and improve your Japanese skills in a friendly environment!

General Japanese

Study in the most suitable class for you! We have more than 25 levels of classes from beginner to advanced. In beginner-elementary classes, you’ll have a lot of chances to practice conversation, as well as reading and writing. General Japanese course is a good start for beginner and elementary students, and people who want to pass JLPT N5 – N3.
Elective Classes
(4hrs/ week) * From intermediate level

Struggling with Kanji? Don’t worry! For those of you who want to study Kanji and practice conversation, ISI Chukyo offers a special elective class which helps you improve your Kanji and conversation skills.

For students who want to pass the test for your future career or to go to college in Japan, this class will help you to pass N1 and N2 level!
If you want to go to Japanese university in the future and need to prepare for EJU, this is the class for you. Your teacher will guide you through the process to enroll in a Japanese university.

*EJU Reading comprehension,
Listening and Writing.

Kanji and Conversation
Struggling with Kanji? Don’t worry! For those of you who want to study Kanji and practice conversation, ISI Chukyo offers a special elective class which helps you improve your Kanji and conversation skills.
Want to focus on
studying Kanji
Kanji and
Conversation Class
Improve your Kanji and
Conversation skills!
JLPT and EJU Preparation
Choose JLPT and EJU Preparation Class if you want to go to college or university in Japan!
Enter university or
college in Japan
Work in Japan

Class Levels
Levels   JLPT EJU Kanji Period Descriptor
N5 - 150 3-9
Able to read and write Hiragana and Katakana and read simple sentences.
N4 - 300 Able to read and write sentences related to topics familiar to them. Accustom to Japanese pronunciations.
N4 - 500 Able to have a daily conversation without problems and use honorific expressions in a simple conversation.
N3 220 800 6-9
Able to understand newspaper articles and news about Japanese society and culture. Able to watch anime and drama in Japanese and express opinions or feelings by composing sentences or verbal communication.
N2 250 1100
N2 280 1400
N1 300 1700 3-9
Able to modify the structure of sentences and use various expressions in conversations depending on the occasion.
N1 320 2000 Able to grasp the main idea of paragraphs and express opinions and feelings effectively.
N1 340 2000+ Able to understand ambiguous expressions and express opinions in a roundabout way.

* Students will take the placement test before the class starts and be placed in the most suitable level based on their
  test results. Every 3 months, another test will be conducted in order to check their Japanese improvement.

Automotive Engineering Class
The ISI x NAC Program was created for those students from abroad wishing to work in the automotive field. In order for foreign students to learn the latest technology, the ISI x NAC Program was designed so that the students could go from learning Japanese to earning the expertise that are required by the industry in one single program. At ISI Chukyo, the students will learn about Japanese culture, its customs, and the basic Japanese language skill necessary for the automotive industry. After graduating from ISI Chukyo, the students will aim to get the Japanese national auto mechanic license by learning from the basics of automotive maintenance to doing more advanced practical exercises. Also at NAC, the students receive extensive career support. We often hold opportunities for students to meet with companies recruiters. From the moment they arrive in Japan to the day they find employment, the road is clear. They can study with a sense of purpose. Also, the Gifu prefecture has a great environment to focus on their studies.


    Being in cooperation with NAC, there are many advantages as to why attend ISI Chukyo.

  • If the students have passed N2 level on the JLPT, the entrance examination will consist on only an interview.
  • There is reduction of entrance fee for the students applying through the ISI x NAC Program.
  • Further, if some conditions are met, the students will get entrance fee exemption.
  • Teachers from NAC will come to ISI Chukyo to teach!

ISI Chukyo
NAC Nakanihon Automotive College
General Japanese +
Automotive Engineering Class
Engineering Department
・Motorsports Engineering Departmen
Specialization Courses
・Class 1 Auto Mechanic Course
・Auto Body Repair Specialist Course
(1 year & 3 months~2 years) (2~3 years)

(+1~2 years)

Find Employment
Capacity: 150 students
Number of classrooms: 4
Facilities: Lobby (self-study space with PC), Library,
Vending machine for beverage, Wi-Fi available, Non-smoking facility.
It is fun to work and study in Japan!
In the morning, I work part time at the cafe near the school. The café in Gifu serves a special breakfast with a cheap price, called “Morning”. I interact with customers every day at work, and made Japanese friends who I can talk to in Japanese. I study Japanese at school in the afternoon every day. This is a great environment to improve my Japanese skills practically.

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