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Conversation Class

【Practicable School】 ILS, ILC, ISI Chukyo, NBL (*Intermediate Level~)

Class Description

  1. Learning practical conversation for oral communication.
  2. At the intermediate or higher level, taking JLPT test prep and conversation class, besides the regular curriculum.

Students who apply for this class

  1. 16years old or over
  2. Expecting to acquire Japanese conversation skill by more practice, besides the basic skills.

Class Period / Visa

Class Period Visa
2-10weeks Temporary Visiting Visa application procedure see more information
11-20weeks (*1
20-40weeks (*2 Student visa application procedure see more information
1year or more

*1:Conditionally accepted. See the Nationality conditions 1 for the detail.
*2:Conditionally accepted. See the Nationality conditions 2 and visa status change for the detail.

Semester Start

Level Class Start
All Levels April, July, October, January (*3
Elementary All year (Pre-level check is required) (*3

*3:Student visa can be applied 4times a year, April, July, October and January.

Class Schedule

45min. x 4lessons/day
Morning class 8:50~12:20
Afternoon class 13:00~16:30

※Students will be placed in the morning or afternoon class, in accordance with their comprehension.

Price List

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