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Job Finding Class

【Practicable School】 ISI Language College


  1. ・We will give support to all of those students who are aiming at getting a job here in Japan.
  2. ・We will teach business Japanese, business manners, resume writing, entry sheet writing, conduct local Japanese
     business visits and practice interviews.
  3. ・We will learn the type of workforce that Japanese business look for in an individual by having an in-school career


  1. Beginner~ Advanced (The job finding elective classes start from Intermediate II level)

Admission Criteria

  1. For those who are eligible to apply for a working visa in Japan (Bachelor Degree holder)

Minimum Duration

  1. 6 months~

Class Schedule

Beginner 1:00pm~4:10pm (90mins ×2 classes daily)
Intermediate & Advanced 8:50am~12:00pm (90mins × 2 classes daily)

Class Capacity

  1. 20 students per class

Class Contents

  1. The content of the classes are divided into two subjects “Business Japanese” and “Job Finding Support”. During “Business Japanese” the students will gain the necessary Japanese communication skills by learning the different purposes of the business language and how to use “honorific language.” By using the job finding manual during “Job Finding Support,” the students will learn business manners and the “Japanese way” of doing business; therefore, they will adapt easily into the society. The students will also get tips and advises on how to get a job in Japan.


  1. Our teachers are all Japanese. In each level of class, a homeroom teacher is assigned.

Career Counseling

  1. During the “Job Finding Support” session, we will not only provide the students with a field analysis, entry sheet coaching, or interview training, but we will also give them a one on one personal counseling session. We will invite a guest speaker with expertise on the subject. We will introduce the students to job finding sites and have them subscribe to them. Also, during business visits, the students will have the opportunity to speak with other foreigners who are already working with Japanese people. For extra-curriculum activities, the students will have the opportunity to attend career fairs for foreign students and also in-campus orientation sessions held by a variety of Japanese companies wishing to hire foreign students. They will have the opportunity to talk to people in charge of human resources and maybe schedule and interview with them.


  1. Class or school activities are held every month.

Elective Class

  1. ・The job finding elective classes are held for from Intermediate II level or above.
  2. ・The students can change the elective class which they take every 3 months.
  3. ・In principal, you can choose the elective classes based on your request.
  4. ・If the elective classes within your level of class is not available, we might ask you to take a different elective class.

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