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Top University Preparation Course

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Course Description

  1. Aiming to enter top level universities in Japan.
  2. Covering essay and interview preparation in intermediate and advanced level, as well as EJU* Japanese test preparation.
  3. Taking optional weekend classes to learn other subjects for EJU.
  4. The class quota is 20, selected by examination.

Students who apply for this course

  1. High school graduates
  2. Expecting to be accepted by top level universities in Japan
  3. Successfully passed the selective examination at ISI

Course Period / Visa

Course Period Visa
40weeks (1year) or more Student visa application procedure See More Information


Course Title Level Course start
Top University Preparation Beginner April, July
Top Univ. Prep (midway enrollment) (*1 Intermediate or higher October, January

*1 :Midway enrollment is only available when there are vacancies in class.

Class Schedule

Top Univ. prep. Curriculum Extra Exam Prep.
Morning Monday to Friday 8:50 ~ 12:20
Afternoon 13:00 ~ 16:30

*2: This course includes the special classes below, besides the Top Univ. Prep Curriculum for 20hrs / week.

Lessons First year
September – November
First year
January – March
Second year
April – June
Second year
August – October
Extra Exam Prep. Classes JLPT Preparation EJU Prep. (Basic) EJU Prep. (Advanced) EJU Prep. (Practical)

※EJU=Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students

Price List

Details for Pay Option

  1. Optional EJU preparation classes for other subjects are available.
  2. Subjects: General materials, English(TOEFL), Math I, Math II, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and others according to universities.
  3. Currently we do not offer these classes, as we have very few requests.

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