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Tokyo,Takadanobaba Campus(ISI Language School)

Why choose ILS?
  • Rich nationality mix:

    Students from all continents are studying together in the campus!

  • ALL Japanese levels welcome:

    Always offering more than 25 classes from total beginner to advanced!

  • Many elective

    Can find a class which helps students achieve their goals with Japanese skills!


  • Advanced University Preparatory Class
  • University and College Preparatory Class
  • Graduate School Preparatory Class
  • General Japanese Class
  • Conversation Class
  • Private Class

Class Schedule (45 min. x 4 lessons)

  • Morning Class:
    8:50 – 9:35, 9:45 – 10:30,
    10:40 – 11:25, 11:35 – 12:20

  • Afternoon Class:
    13:00 – 13:45, 13:55 – 14:40,
    14:50 – 15:35, 15:45 – 16:30
  Address 2-14-19 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access 3 minutes walk from Takadanobaba Station
  Entrance Term (Long Term Course)

  • January, April, July, October

Want to improve your conversation skills or/and pass JLPT?
ILS is a wonderful school for all levels of students, for all purposes. Beginner and elementary students can learn basic Japanese language skills in a balanced manner while Intermediate+ students can take elective classes for 4 hours per week. tILS offers various elective classes: conversation class and classes for JLPT*1, EJU*2 and Graduate School Preparation. Once you reach intermediate level, you can focus on what you really want to learn for your future.

*1 Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (Held in July and December in Japan)
*2 Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students

General Japanese

Study in the most suitable class for you! We have more than 25 levels of classes from beginner to advanced. In beginner-elementary classes, you’ll have a lot of chances to practice conversation, as well as reading and writing. General Japanese course is a good start for beginner andelementary students, and people who want to pass JLPT N5 – N3.
Elective Classes
(4hrs/ week) * From intermediate level

For students who want to pass the test for your future career or to go to college in Japan, this class will help you to pass N1 and N2 level!

Improve your conversation skills by role- play, group discussion, debate and speech.

This class offers private lectures for you to find the best colleges / programs for you. It offers the assistance to develop research plans and contact professors.

If you want to go to Japanese university in the future and need to prepare for EJU, this is the class for you. Your teacher will guide you through the process to enroll in a Japanese university.

*EJU Reading comprehension,
Listening and Writing.

Class Levels
Levels   JLPT EJU Kanji Period Descriptor
N5 - 150 3-9
Able to read and write Hiragana and Katakana and read simple sentences.
N4 - 300 Able to read and write sentences related to topics familiar to them. Accustom to Japanese pronunciations.
N4 - 500 Able to have a daily conversation without problems and use honorific expressions in a simple conversation.
N3 220 800 6-9
Able to understand newspaper articles and news about Japanese society and culture. Able to watch anime and drama in Japanese and express opinions or feelings by composing sentences or verbal communication.
N2 250 1100
N2 280 1400
N1 300 1700 3-9
Able to modify the structure of sentences and use various expressions in conversations depending on the occasion.
N1 320 2000 Able to grasp the main idea of paragraphs and express opinions and feelings effectively.
N1 340 2000+ Able to understand ambiguous expressions and express opinions in a roundabout way.

* Students will take the placement test before the class starts and be placed in the most suitable level based on their
  test results. Every 3 months, another test will be conducted in order to check their Japanese improvement.

Target Universities
【National University】 【Private University】
  • Tokyo University
  • Kyoto University
  • Tsukuba University
  • Ochanomizu Joshi University
  • Yokohama National University
  • Chiba University etc.
  • Keio University
  • Waseda University
  • Ryikkyo University
  • Meiji University
  • Hosei University
  • Gakushuin University
  • Nihon University etc.

Advanced University Preparatory Class

  • This program is designed for students who want to enroll top universities in Japan and all students are tested upon arrival for the program registration.
  • Students must successfully complete all modules in each level and reach to over 90% class attendance rate.
  • Students studying AUP will develop their Japanese skills as well as apply Maths, Science, Sociology and English for university entrance examination.
  • The program for EJU preparation is delivered jointly by ISI & private educational company in Tokyo.

EJU Prep.
Japanese as a Foreign Language, Essay, Interview
EJU Prep.
Japanese as a Foreign Language, Essay, Interview
EJU Prep.
University exam
Will be covered in 20h/w class session Will be coverd as option outside 20h/w session Will be covered as option outside 20h/w session
Enroll Top University in Japan

Class Levels
Levels AUP class JLPT EJU Kanji Period Descriptor
BeginnerⅠ × N5 - 150
3 months
  • Improve grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure.
  • Able to do simple daily conversation.
  • Read and write short text.
Beginner Ⅱ N4   500 4 months
  • Master Beginner’s grammar.
  • Master daily communication in speaking, writing,listening and reading in good balance.
  • Practice the basic presentation for academic Japanese.
Intermediate N3
- 1400 6 months
  • Master Intermediate grammar and vocabulary in JLPT N2 level.
  • Practice Listening & Reading comprehension and Writing for EJU.
  • Learn how to write essay for University entrance exam.
  • Can present own opinions about social news.
Advanced N1 - 2000+ 1 year~
  • Master Intermediate grammar and vocabulary in JLPT N1 level.
  • Practice Listening & Reading comprehension and Writing for EJU high scores.
  • Learn how to write cause-effect, argumentative essay or report.
  • Practice group discussion and prepare for university interview.

This class is for individuals or small groups at the same Japanese level. The curriculum is designed at your request; such as duration, number of classes per day, and what you want to learn.

Capacity: 1,346 students
Number of classrooms: 26
Facilities: PC room, Library, Dispensary, Lobby, Student lounge,
Self-study room, Vending machines for snacks and beverages,
Water coolers, Wi-Fi available, Non-smoking facility.
Students from more than 50 countries studying together
at the same campus!! Join us!

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