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ISI Faculty Interviews Vol.3

Career Building for International Students

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ISI Faculty Interview series introduces the visions and values of our faculty members. ISI Faculty Interviews VOl.3 introduces the faculty member of ISI Language College (ILC at Tokyo Ikebukuro), Naomi Gohara Sensei.

Q: Why did you become a Japanese teacher?

I majored in Japanese Literature at university to become a Japanese Language teacher. At university, I researched the Japanese teaching profession to become a Japanese teacher for foreign students. I would like to teach not only Japanese but also general knowledge about Japan for international students.

Q: Can you tell us about your current task?

As a curriculum coordinator, I am responsible for organizing and supervising the teachers and part-time lecturers. I am also teaching Japanese classes for intermediate and advanced students, and Job classes.

Q: Is it ok to observe the Japanese classes at ILC?

Yes, please come in.

Q: For students at ILC, what are the main purposes of studying aboard?

About 90 percent of the students enrolled at ILC want to find jobs or go to vocational schools. Some students already have some job experience in their home country. Others have graduated from university and hope to gain more professional skills. Most of the students are in search of a new position at a new place. There are also some students who want to go to Japanese universities or graduate schools.

Q: What kinds of classes are available for students with these goals?

At ILC, we offer various elective classes such as “Job class”, “Japanese Language Proficiency Test preparation class”, and “university preparation class” 3 times a week (in total 6 lessons × 90 minutes). Job class provides training for business etiquette, self-analysis, business analysis, entry sheet preparation, group projects, and presentation skills, twice a week. In addition, Job class provides career counseling and interview preparation sessions once a week. At career counseling sessions, students can discuss their job-search progress. At interview preparation sessions, students can obtain information for job fairs and the best way to present themselves, as well as learn how to write a resume. We try to give advice that suits each student.

Also, students wishing to continue study at university or vocational schools may attend the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) preparation class and EJU preparation class. Since there are many students who want to go to vocational schools at ILC, we regularly organize vocational school trial lessons.

Q: What kind of vocational school trial lessons do you offer?

We have invited teachers from many different fields of vocational schools, including Automobile, Animation, Hotel, Music, Pastry, Cooking, and so on. Some students learned how to assemble an engine at the Automotive School trial lesson. Some students learned napkin folding techniques and hotel etiquette from the Hotel School. These trial lessons aim to stimulate student interest, help them gain more professional knowledge in the field, and consequently help them find their career direction.

Q: As a Japanese teacher, what do you cherish the most?

When I see our students understand more about Japan, and enjoy life here, I feel a sense of satisfaction. Students preparing for jobs or study are often too busy to enjoy this important aspect of living in Japan. Studying Japanese is of course important, but so is enjoying life in Japan. At ILC, we are planning a lot of fun activities and events for international students. This year, we visited Suntory beer factory, danced at Bon festival, enjoyed a local Japanese festival, and attended several Japanese animation film screenings. Though there might be a lot of hardships to come, with a positive attitude, I think it is possible to move forward.

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